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Customs - host has advantage

Matchmaking - everyone quits


What we need are customs where all players feel like it's OG xbox host and we don't use a p2p system.  

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I'm dying to play people who know what they are doing in 2v2 customs. Please add.


East Tennessee

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Hey all. This thread's purpose it to let the members on this website know that you are looking for a competitive CE 2v2 game/series.


Just post saying that you are looking for 2 opponents to play with, and supply your gamertag so that the other players can contact you.


Hopefully this makes things less convoluted in the MCC thread, as I see a lot of "CE 2's?" in that thread, and it makes sense to separate it with a different thread.

Thanks again!

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I am also currently looking for a 2's game. I have Humpflung as a partner. Contact Batchford on XBL if you want to play

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im looking for some EU CE players for either the CE Playlist or some Customs starting in the next ~30 minutes

let me know if you re interested via XBL, GT = beamimpact

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GS Faden

MM and Customs ( Also looking for CE 2v2 partner for IG tournament on 2-19! )

US - Austin, TX

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Gamertag - The Old FeaR

Location - Oklahoma

Customs or matchmaking! 

Im fairly new to Halo CE competitive, I know a little spawns and stuff

Message me so i know you added me!

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GT: LvL 50 Nestik

Customs/MM: Both

Region: Columbus, OH


Looking to get that active list I had 10 years ago back, send me a message and I'll be sure to re-add.

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