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Halo 2 Classic Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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  • Gamertag: KnucklesBXR
  • Customs/MM: Customs
  • Region: Australia

          Hosting Halo 2 classic customs, add me and message me for details.

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GT: B5dog

MM or customs

Region: The Great White North


I never really played H2 so I won't be that good but I should be able to hang.

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I know i already posted on this...


Still active, i have about 200 players i should have like 400 but i just stopped adding people because I'm lazy and can get customs really easy. I have about 50 players online everyday playing H2. 


My GT: SeaVomit


Add me, we're really chill, love to laugh, all in our 20's (I know we even got a homie who is like 50) and good at Halo. Most of us have been playing since Halo 2. We play a lot of 4v4 and FFA's. Almost more FFA's :P i know we played Midship FFA for like 2 days straight all 30 minute games. Anyways add me, i keep my list public so you can add most of the guys on there too.

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GT: LvL 50 Nestik

Customs and Matchmaking

Region: Columbus, OH EST


I never have anyone online playing Halo and I'm looking to get that active friends list I had 10 years ago back. Send me a message and I'll re-add.

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Gamertag: Randomm

Customs/MM: Either or (I mainly play Snipers, until Team Ball comes up)

Region: US (I tend to play early in the morning (7AM-10AM EDT), so if you're online then, all the better)

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I've returned after stopping after halo 5. Anyone want to git me up for whatever and play feel free to add me. 


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GT: Shining


Msg for Halo 2 Classic and Team Hardcore playlists. Add for 4v4s, 1v1s and FFAs. Please be at least solid, if you have a mic that is preffered.


Region: US, east coast

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