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Halo 3 Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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Gamertag: DrowsyDeer43391

Customs or Matchmaking? I'd prefer customs but I like both. Halo's just funner with friends that's all. 

Canada British Columbia

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I am quitting Halo 5 and returning to MCC. Before the release of Halo 5, my highest rank in MCC was a 30 in Halo 3. Halo 3 is my favorite Halo, and I am looking to find teammates who will join me on the road to 50 in Halo 3, Team Hardcore, and Doubles. Message GT for invite.


GT: Hot Rod M 25
Location: Arizona

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Back to playing MCC.

GT: Adversitive

Shoot me a PM/Add if you want somebody to play with.

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Never seen a populated game before this must mean we have better players or at least... too bad we aren't all the same play style...


Pm for games..

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