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Halo Game Night Ideas? Suggestions?

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Hey guys, I've been making YouTube videos for a while now. But more recently I've been using my newest channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/WebHeadedGamer/videos


As much as I advertise, tweet, and spam Reddit with my non Halo related Let's Plays it seems nobody watches my videos except the Halo related ones, even OLD and irrelevant Halo 4 gameplay is getting more views than new gameplay such as Sunset Overdrive. 


But that's not the point of the thread, the point is, I plan on doing many, many Halo related videos starting Nov 11th when the MCC drops. I have plenty of ideas planned such as :montages, minitages, forge previews, and a few other ideas I have under the wraps;


But I want to hear what you guys want to see, what you want to PLAY. 


If I did a weekly Top 10 what would you guys be more interested to watch or even submit videos for? Consistent Top 10 videos showing off any good play? Or a Top 10 that changes weekly like Top 10 sticks, Top 10 Snipes, Top 10 Backsmacks? 


Also if I did something a long the line of a YouTube Series of Game Nights what would peak your interests? I'm all ears.


And lastly, I have plans on possibly starting a website that solely hosts Halo Ladders, if I did something along those lines what would you guys like to see? Game specific ladders like H2, H3, and H4. Or maybe even a "Halo vet" Ladder where it's [Game 1 -Random map/gametype-H2]    [Game 2 -Random map/gametype-H3]    [Game 3 -Random map/gametype-H4]?


Thanks for your time, any and all feedback is wanted! :)

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