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The return of "Slow Turn" on Xbox One controllers?

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I found a video supposedly showing "Slow Turn" on the Xbox One controller.  I think this clip may not be entirely credible because it is not definitive whether the gameplay is actually from an Xbone and this is the only instance of slow turn I have found on the console.  So I would like to know. do Xbone controllers have slow turn?  I suggest reading the video's description to save yourself some time and to avoid some dizziness.  And if slow turn is back, what are the best places to buy no slow controllers? 

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I had an issue with slow turn when I was at pax prime, but it was most likely due to how the controller had been treated.

I've had 4 controllers on my xbox one so far and none of them have this issue.


I wouldn't be surprised if some controllers have slow turn, but I imagine its no where near as wide spread as the 360 controllers.

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