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Players in Montana

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My team is looking for 2 FAs to join us.  I live in Rapid City, South Dakota and have been playing competition Halo since the beginning, Nov, 2001 (15+ years daily Halo).  Add and DM me on XBL ONLY!  GT: HALOTHORITY


Sponsorship details as follows:


---------------------------GEAR COVERED

A40TR Audio System

BenQ Monitor

Gunnar Optiks

Xbox Elite Controller



Bi-annual week long LAN practice



Tournament Registration Fees



--------------------------------------------------------PRELIMINARY REQUIREMENTS -- NO EXCEPTIONS!

Must be absolutely and unequivocally obsessed with all things Halo, from Campaign to Multiplayer.  If you play other games more than 5% of all your gaming time, don't bother with joining this team.


Must have proven financial and job stability.

Must have proven time management skills.

Must have full 24/7/365 accountability.

Professional, highly mature 25 yrs or older.  No teeny boppers in highschool!  No early 20s in college either (unless you've finished already!).  We've just had poor experiences with these age ranges and need to find more consistent and responsible players.

Full time 8-5 M-F (or close) job with at least 2 years tenure.

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i live in billings MT and was looking for players from here to scrim and LAN with before Colorado comes around. Doesn't matter if its 4s or FFA. 


message me through my GT: BADDn3wzBEAR

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I am currently looking for groups of hidden halo players , no not overwatch,rocket league,cod,tekken,smash, or any others.  just strictly HALO, maybe just to play some LAN or just to scrim online or who knows may even be thinking of starting a team for denver. I dont have a sponser or anything like that but if you love to play just hit me up!



message me through my GT:BADDn3wzBEAR



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