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Gaming for a Cause!

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Hello internet, my name is cody, but online I go by phantazm. This year I finally get to have time to participate in the Extra-life charity event. I’ve known about this great cause for at least three years but I could never participate because of either not having the gear or always working. This year will be the first not only for me but also for the team I’m with. The team is under Coaches Place, which is Omaha’s only LAN center. With being in Omaha all of the donations will go to Omaha’s Children's Hospital & Medical Center.


Coaches Place team consist of three people, Jenee “Hopperzrus”, Brandon “Journ3yman” and myself Cody “Phantazm”. Jenee is part owner and manager of Coaches Place, avid gamer and Basketball player. Brandon “Bigg Boss” is co-creator of All Around Gamers, podcaster/commentator and an avid gamer. Finally, I’m of course an avid gamer, competitive gamer and event coordinator at Coaches Place. We all think this is a great cause to help not only kids but local kids which is even more impressive for such a big event. Even though this is our first event we plan on doing many more.


Coaches Place set a goal of $500 with each team member having a total of $100. We will start at 12am on October 25 and go for the full 24 hours. We are sponsored by Gamermodz, Squidgrips and Small Guy Promotion and they gave use items to give away not only on stream but in person as well. For that day, anyone who comes to play half of the cost will go to the charity. Also, if you want to game with use for the full 24 hours it will be $80, so $40 will go to the charity. If you want to game for 6-12 hours it will be $40 with $20 of it going to charity. If you want to game for 4-6 hours it will only be $25 and anything less than that will be regular price. If you come in to game with us we will also let you play on stream for half of your time. There will be two streams going at the same time one on twitch and the other on twitch


Some of the items for giveaway are:


Play time for coaches place

gamermodz gear


And more.


Some of the games we are going to play are:


NBA 2K15

Evil Within


Shadow of Mordor

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

South Park: Stick of Truth


Goldeneye 007

Mario Kart 64

Counter Strike

Diablo 3

and more


Coaches Place extra-life and social media info






Team Members info:














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