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im actually surprised no one has started something like this or maybe i havent seen it. I dont know if im the only one that enjoys this but i love looking at the rosters that get formed for events. so far the ones i know of are:


Optic Halo - Flamesword, Snip3down, IGotUrPistola, Ace

*No Team Name* - 2gre, Heinz, Snakebite, Royal 2

Iso Pro - Prototype, Str8 Sick, Aries Caries, (4th)

Iso Warp - KnightyKnight, Shield, Saintly, Matic

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I actually asked what team 2gre was on when he had that live stream. I stopped following it closely once H4 dropped and now I'm completely lost. I dont like that team for him, I wish he was still playing with Pistola mean.gif

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