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Cursed Lemon

Halo 1: Final

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Just wanna say that me and my group of friends really appreciate all of the work that was put into this project.  This revived Halo for us.  We had a LAN last night and had ten people there, it was a great time.  Most people were reluctant to play the new maps at first but now they're really starting to like them.  I'm getting started learning more about map making and modding and hopefully I can contribute in the future.  Any advice pointing me in the right direction is much appreciated  :) .  Keep up the good work guys!


Join the Discord via the link in my signature, I got u fam

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Join the Discord via the link in my signature, I got u fam

Thanks. I joined it before and you helped me get the halo PC version set up. What would be the best sub channel for asking questions about map making and modding with the intent of playing on the Xbox? Is there some sort of search function? I have a million questions and I'm sure most of them have been answered before on there. Also I saw way back in this thread that you're working on some new maps. If you ever need someone to test them out me and my crew would be happy to oblige.

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