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The frame rate in TH still bugs me, but other than that this is one of the best games of the year, love it.

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I played quite a bit of the beta. But I didnt want to drop 70 euro on the game.


Reading through some of these comments, it seems you lot are enjoying it. Is it worth the buy?


I spend years and years playing search and destroy in cod. Competitively on gamebattles. Placing pretty in BO1. So this is my kinda game I think.

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Patch notes has been released, the update is out on PC and Jan 14 for console.






General Tweaks and Improvements


Hit Registration Improvements

Updated the server tick rate for all PC users, coming soon to consoles

With the goal of improving positioning and shooting replication, we had deployed a first update on PC in which the player position update rate is set to 60 times per second (vs. the previous 30). This change however has been done in an intermittent fashion and in certain regions only, as we were testing various configurations. We are now satisfied with its state so we are now deploying this update to all PC users. As soon as this feature has been validated with this more massive test on PC, we will be deploying this update on consoles as soon as possible.


Data center selection is now possible (PC users only, for now)

PC users can change their default data centers in the Rainbow Six game settings file (gamesettings.ini), which is usually located in the ‘My Documents\My Games\your Uplay ID’ folder. Change the DataCenterHint value from ‘default’ to the region’s short name that you wish to have as your default data center. The available region short names can be found just above the DataCenterHint line.


Note that we are planning to eventually expose this in the in-game UI for all platforms and this PC-exclusive feature is only a first step.


Matchmaking Improvements

•Refining the quality of PVP matches with more evenly matched opponents

•Added a criteria that increases the odds of pre-made parties being matched against a squad with an equal number of pre-made parties within them.

•Skill criterion originating from the player’s region is now more precise.


Improved connectivity to PVP and PVE matches

•Increased match quality by ensuring players using the same data center get matched together, leading to better ping.

•Improved accuracy of the estimated waiting time while in lobby.



Top Community-Raised Bug Fixes

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list and that we are only highlighting fixes that were done about the most commonly raised community bugs.


Gameplay Fixes

•Ranked matches HUD synch with Casual update has been applied (read: playlist changes from this post).

•Did some fixes on an issue in which players would get stuck when walking, running or at the end of a rappel. The player could do other actions and rotate but couldn’t move.

•Some situations still cause this bug. It is a work in progress.



Level Design Fixes

•Kanal: fixed a bug in which the red blocker wall was not present on a window in the holding room for Defenders and allowed them to exit their zone during the preparation phase.

•Some lighting issues on maps have been fixed.

•Some minor collision issues have been fixed on House, Clubhouse, Kanal and Russian Café.


Online Flow Fixes

•Fixed Error [3-0x0001000B].

•Partial fix of Error [2-0x00000041]. Refer to Top Issues in the Known Issues post for full information.

•Partial fix of the loading screen freeze (smoke background). Refer to Top Issues in the Known Issues post for full information.


UI Fixes

•Player skill rank display has been re-activated.

•Authentication pop-up title had inconsistent spacing.


Audio Fixes

•XB1: Fixed a bug in which if a player constrained the game, snapped an app, then unconstrained the game, he or she would lose the voice chat.

•XB1: Fixed a bug in which the game did not exhibit any audio whilst the player had any app snapped.


Other Fixes

•The Season Passes temporary activation for everyone for issue identification purposes has now ended, see this post for more details.

•Fixed a bug in which the Tier 5 faded skin for the FBI’s 5.7 USG pistol didn’t unlock even after purchasing it.

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My buddy and I just ended a six hour undefeated session. We went in and matched with three other randoms who had mics our first game. We partied up with them and didn't drop a single match. Our winning streak aside that was probably the most fun I've had gaming in the last five years.

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that's one of the reasons why i love this game so much. i can't remember the last game i played where you could make friends with randoms so easily. also, let's play sometime 

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Anybody here want to run the ranked playlist with me? Getting tired of playing alone and getting people that don't talk or just flat out suck.



GT: Mr coLeK

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This game is soooo fun, i definitely want to try the ESL League out! pretty fun competitive game

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so i bought this game after christmas when xbl was doing the countdown sale to new yewrs and it was only $20. I kinda regret it now because while the gameplay is fun and competitive.... i cannot stand the constant loading between rounds... like... why cant it. be seamless like counterstrike?

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Does anyone still play this game here? i really need some people to play with. Gamertag is EXACLDE

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Ive recently gotten over the loading screens between rounds, seems faster now for some reason. Game is pretty good, im surprised it's one of the top five moat played xbl titles. Anyone play regularly?

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Ive been watching esports replays of this game and im discovering the huge amount of depth in this game... just amazes me that this TB community doesn't discuss this game more.... i figured it be right up everyone's alley.

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