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Top 5 games you are most looking forward to?

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1. Dishonored 2
2. Kingdom Hearts 3
3. Battlefield 4
4. Destiny
5. Halo 5

Just wondering what the community is looking forward to the most. jsFjcre.gif


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2. Call of Duty Ghost

3. Halo 5

4. Battlefield 4

5. Quantum Break


Those are the first 5 games im buying :D

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1 - Halo 5

2 - Destiny

3 - Star Wars

4 - Titanfall

5 - Cod (not that it will be much different from any other one)

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1. Star Wars Battlefront

2. Watch Dogs

3. Halo 5

4. Super Smash Bros

5. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

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1) Destiny

2) Titanfall

3) Watch_dogs

4) Halo 5

5) Quantum Break

Same, but put Quantum break at 6 and Elder scrolls online at 5.

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1. Kh3

2. Destiny

3. Watchdogs

4. Gta IV

5. Elder Scrolls online


I unforunately.. will be missing out on halo 5 since I won't be getting the xbox 1.

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1. Destiny

2. Titanfall

3. Star Wars: Battlefront

4. The Division

5. Halo 5


I'll be getting a PS4, and an XBO sometime afterwards for Halo 5. But Destiny will be my next big thing for gaming.

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