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Hey guys, nice to meet you all.

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Hi guys, how are you?


My name is Alejandro but to the gaming world I am known as Dro. I am currently 20 years old and reside in Singapore (originally from Chicago).


I do have a sick job, but I tend to wear many hats and like to do many things in life.


My "9-5" currently is being the eSports specialist at Razer, a company who makes really cool gaming gear. This job requires me to assist teams in terms of management on Razer's end. I also conduct Product validation and assist in other marketing initiatives that Razer is doing across the world.


I do a lot of content creation as well as design/montage making on the side as a hobby. I love Halo and eSports and would love to see Halo grow into a large eSport that can allow players to make a living and give the world of competitive gaming more value.


I play Halo almost every chance I can and would love to play at higher levels. A dream of mine has always been to play on a professional level. Hopefully sometime in my life I can see that dream become a reality. For now I'll stick with my job and do the best I can for eSports globally and do what I can for competitive Halo. If you ever want to say hi or have a friendly chat just shoot me a request on Skype! If you want to play Halo with me (I may lag somewhat but the connection fairs well) add my Gamertag: imCookies and just shoot me a message and hopefully I am able to get a game with you.


Big shout out to Beyond Entertainment for creating a great home for all things Halo and gaming related. Thanks for doing this for us.


As always; GL HF.




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