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Players in Florida

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I am a "Tampa" player, I live in Oldsmar though.


I am a competitive Mortal Kombat player so I have no problem with traveling to events.


GamerTag: AoK Ryan

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Gamertag: Drekic

I live in Palm harbor, FL

Looking to join or try out for a team

Last event was an at home tourny didn't place well because both partner an I got kicked offline during a storm.

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My gt is xGeeBeeZ. Hmu if you're trying to put together a team for Daytona. I've competed at Raleigh 2010 and Orlando 2010. Got LBR4 and LBR3 respectively. Not very good placings but we got unlucky with matchups. At Orlando we played Severince's team and took a game; that was probably are biggest accompishment lol. so yeah, got tourney experience.


Anyways, I live in Navarre almost right next to Hurlburt Field, pretty close to FWB. I have two teammates from SC who are thinking about going also, but there both in college so I don't think it'll be very likely. Putting together a FL team would be legit, and it looks like some people here are interested.


Hmu if your interested. I'm on from 6-9 local during the week and all day sat/sun. Just playing H3 hardcore until H5 drops.

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Gamertag: EBENEZER7


I considered myself a decent Halo gamer, but looking forward to learning in the pro level if an opportunity opens.

Recently been playing halo4 in MCC, Looking forward to halo 5.


Some Halo gameplay..


Orlando, FL 

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GT - Optimus Primai


City - Daytona Beach


not gunna be playing til Halo 5 but feel free to add me

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