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Players in Florida

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Looking for people to play with for when MCC launches.


I'll mostly be playing h1 with some h2 and h2a sprinkled in.


GT: Zarnerz

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If anyone is legitimately interested in getting a lan together in the Tampa area, message me on XBL. My GT is Ko8eNades.


If there is no one else that has ideas for a better location, I might be willing to host it at my house providing 1) My girlfriend okays it 2) We have enough people to at least run 4's. 3) No one is weird.


I'd like to get something going probably in December after classes end but definitely before Christmas. If you'd be interested in attending or want to plan to put something together with me, hit me up.

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Sorry guys i let this thread die. I'm going to be updating this today and tomorrow to get everyone on the list. 




Finished updating the thread, I hope all the players are still active so start sending your friend request. Tons of Players in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. 

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GT: TruJakka


Sarasota, FL


Looking for locals to compete and LAN with. I can travel pretty much anywhere and am extremely dedicated so hmu!

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Any news on FL lans?


Not that I know of being christmas break I feel like everyone is out traveling and what not. If people know of small tournaments 1v1s, 2v2s, and 4v4s in Florida you are welcome to post them here. Even lan centers where people get together to play. 



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