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Hard Way

The "I'm Playing Now, & You Should Join Me" Thread

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2 hours ago, Hard Way said:

I'm bumping this. We need this thread.

Hmu if you wanna jump on MCC. I'll play most things.

GT: Hard VVay

I think mine needs to update but I'll add you and hit you up some other time. Fair warning, I've only really played H5, but I'm down to get into MCC if you don't mind explaining spawns and shit to me as we go

Edit: Totally get it if you'd rather not babysit btw

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GT: Noodle 2x

Having some packet loss issues on my PC at the moment, so mostly playing on Xbox these days, but packet loss is only occasional so I can still do PC (and hopefully I'll have the issue fixed soon).

Currently looking for people to play with for the Recon Slayer rank 20 reward.

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