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Cursed Lemon

What is your favorite NON-competitive gametype?

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Dino Wars


I don't give a shit that it was in Pre patch Reach. that game type was like playing as the Jet trooper in Battlefront 2 but you had infinite jetpack and this awesome purple gun.


Oh and you were an elite so that also makes it cool. Also lots of stickies

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I played Dino Wars a few times. It was insanely ridiculous, but the good kind.


Was that the Coagulation Gametype where everyone spawns with Brute Shots?




Edit: Nvm, read first post on this page.  The Jetpacking Concussion Rifle gametype... I forgot about that.

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Boarding Action sniper CTF.


Book it. 


The most fun you can have getting sniped on spawn 5 times in a row

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Ohw man there are so many. I loved all the parkour maps, duck hunt-esque maps and such, but my favourite non-competitive map is probably Jenga on Standoff. Had loads of fun playing that back in the day. 

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-Hide and Seek

-Tower of Power



-The one with the big ring that you gotta ride to end on a Mongoose while 1-2 guys try to snipe and rocket you off



-Speed Halo

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Drive or die on Sandtrap.

Journey to Omega/Fat kid on foundry

Sky Castle

Duck Hunt

Predator/Ghost Busters



H3 had the best infection gametypes IMO.

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Grifball in Halo 3

Duck Hunt

Run for Your Life

Indiana Jones


Halo 2 (That what it was called on my FS, not sure real name, when you drive around the ring in mongoose, and one person is sniping/rocketing you off) (My Fav one ever)

..honestly almost everything in Action Sack as well. Loved that playlist



Juggernaut on Lockout

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Infinite stickies on Chiron. 


I also enjoy a good game of hide and seek in Halo 2, when people actually have the patience to play the game out. 

 Rockets only on Chiron

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Halo 3 Firststrike Ffa. The one where everyone spawns with random weapons and 3 lives per round. Halo 3 alpha zombies on Sandtrap.


Halo Reach Crashup Derby and Speed Halo.

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Halo 1 = Infinite Stickies on Chiron

Halo 2 = Glitches/Fiesta

Halo 3 = Rocket Race/Trick Jumps/Duck Hunt

Halo Reach = Doesn't exist

Halo 4 = Doesn't exist

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Colossus Multi-Flag in pre-patch Halo 2 was probably some of the most fun i had in casual play. When you could bounce the flag across the gap, base to base.

Or just simply glitched around on maps with a group of buddies, in Halo 2 obviously.


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