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If Halo 5 is bad, can MCC sustain the population?

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Well the main problem I see with the MCC is that it is catering to all those who loved Halo for what it was back in the day. Literally I talk to people so frequently about Halo and they do not think that sprint is a bad thing, and in fact cannot imagine a Halo without it (Reach and H4 kids). 


Mention to any FPS player (Except for the good games such as Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament and Quake) that your game doesn't have sprint and they all lose their minds. It's weird because our society has this idea of instant gratification and that's filtering through to the gaming industry. 


The MCC will be an important part of the Halo franchise for obvious reasons, but I feel that even if they get it 100% right there might still be a problem because of all the people that just 'don't get it'.

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Sprint is the future... Unfortunately. The halo old guard like myself would like things to remain similar, but times are changing. I feel like the MCC is our final performance, our curtain call before the changing of the guard.


So once the MCC drops, enjoy it. Smile and etch those moments in to your gaming memory. It's our swan song.


Once more into the breach.... But there will be no more coming back!

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I'd prefer it if they just raised the base player speed if that's the direction they want to go in instead of sprint. Still puzzles me why Halo is getting compared to CoD as an FPS, they are nothing alike. Who employs people who think this way 0_o

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No, absolutely not.


My reasons are tournaments, history, and population.  343 will most likely be directing most if not all major Halo events in the future.  The chances of them supporting an outdated game is to dismiss their most recent project; something a money making business would never do.  It's sort of an admission of defeat.  Some of you would probably rebuttle with "but Smash".  The Smash community is 100% community driven.  Nintendo is just now stepping onto the competitive scene, and you saw how crappy that tournament was (voting for the winner, sudden death, "celeb" invites, etc.) -- it was all commercial.  I applaud them regardless, but you can see that they would never use and old game.

Second, using an old game is a welcome to decline.  Halo 4 had grown a somewhat healthy competitive community.  I could easily find custom 8s and watch players stream.  Then pros made the executive decision to drop H4 for H3, and the entire community fell apart within months.  That's partly due to AGL getting out of dodge, but playing an old game creates confusion among other communities and really screws over new players.  Again, you could compare us to Smash.  The difference is, however, that Smash is primarily a Singles game (easy to compete), doesn't drastically change each game, and gains all types of viewers that don't even play the game!  The cult following is incredible, and it is readily apparent on my college campus.  It's honestly a miracle for them.

And of course, no population means no success.  Splitting the community is a hobby for the Halo scene, to say the least.  No need to do it again.


I'm out of breath.  Give me your thoughts!  :Sarge:  

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Only time will tell, right now the focus is on MCC. It's job is to bring back everyone whoever touched/love the game of Halo and allows them to relieve the good ol days.  


If we fail to maintain a solid population in MCC before the release of H5 then I'm not sure how H5 will hold up regardless of its success. 

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How do you not feel xbox one is worth it for the games?


Halo 1 - 4


Halo 5 beta

Halo 5 game a year later.


Not sure what amazing 360 games you are referring to that is reason to stay on that console.

I was also under the impression they were going to stop supporting last gen soon, for eg. Assassins Creed: Unity is only going to be on next gen.

Both Destiny and Dragon Age Inquisition are on the 360. Getting a new system for 1 game isn't worth it.


Also, expendable cash isn't what it used to be. Don't have near as much of it as I used to now that I am starting a family. That much money for a new console is not worth it yet. Plus, none of my friends are willing to get the new console.

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