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ASTRO Summer Doubles Halo: Reach Results

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I've come to realize this about halo players for years now....everyone wants the acclamation that comes with being a good player, but don't know how to handle the pressure of losing so they resort to cheating...


dedicated servers are going to bring so many ppl back down to reality....fuck you and your host box.....it will be a lot less of these dweebs screaming point check and talking trash like a 7 year old who is old enough to hold a xbox one controller....just try to not rage too hard lil baby when your overshield aka modem is less of a factor come November...

I'm with you on that one brotha.  :weback:

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There are people like @Another Clutch that don't let failures get to them. Yeah, it's understandable that people get upset but in the end, they still kept that good sportsmanship.


Unlike Another Clutch, @Monstcr C (Or as I like to call him the Sudd Baby) will do about anything to get what they want. And when they don't get it, they're sore losers about it.


Saying that the competitive community are full of assholes is just unfair judgement to others who are just in it for the fun of it no matter how good or bad they are, participating to win or just to find a good match.

At the end of the day its all about having fun, and trying harder the next time.


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