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ASTRO Summer Doubles Halo: Reach Results

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Congratulations to WinntuR & Svspector from Couple Cute Pigs for winning the Astro Summer Doubles Halo: Reach tournament!


1st: Two 2013 White A40 Audio Systems
Couple Cute Pigs - WinntuR & Svspector
2nd: Two ASTRO New Era Hats
Reach kids v.09 - MoNsTcR C & James AMbin
Tortured Soulz - II Bigmikey II & BETA VIRUS 187
West Coast Duo - Vapoureon & Another Clutch
Thanks to all of the players that competed today! With over 140 teams signed up, overall, this event was a big success. Also, special thanks to the Halo: Reach community for showing up. We didn't expect to see such a huge turnout.


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Monster: I'm going to quit and switch Xbox's all because I didn't have host.


Gets his ass handed to him, and rage quits the stream.



@MoNsTcR C tell me how that hat fits you.  :kappa:

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GGs everyone, good thing my team didn't get matched up against that rat. Good tournament beyond! 

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link the reply. You'll only be able to do one at a time so its best to just screenshot it

Got it thanks man.


I'm sure this is what people are going to be talking about until this thread dies off.

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He got up to 321 before he turned off the stream. I seriously want to know. How does he have that many followers?



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monster got rekt.


For anyone who didn't watch:


Monster was streaming - as soon as game one starts, he didn't pull host and quits. He switches to his host box (on stream) and ends up losing game one on host. 


Game two starts, gets to 24-24 on host and they lose. Words can't describe how god damn happy I was when he lost.


shit like this why I cannot wait for dedicated servers....fuckin lame....dues like these are gonna get embarrassed because that crutch is going to be gone...forever


host box....fuckin pathetic

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