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ASTRO Summer Doubles: Halo Reach 2v2 Check-in

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One of the most common issues for free-to-enter online tournaments is that many players sign up and then decide to not show up. In order to combat this, we are having a "check-in" for all of the competitors that have already registered. This will be a first come, first serve system, so the first 128 teams to confirm that they will be available this Saturday will be put into the bracket.


Just like before, all you need to do is post your team information in this thread. From there, we'll check to see if you've already registered and meet all of the requirements to compete.


This thread will be closed at 9:00 PM EST on Friday, August 22nd. Once the thread is closed, we will not allow any more competitors to join.


Please follow this format when checking in:


Team Name:

Gamertag 1:

Gamertag 2:


If you stream to Twitch.tv, be sure to link your channel in your post!


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to PM me or contact me on Twitter at @xClicked

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Team Name: The Shades Duo

Gamertag 1: DomeRocked

Gamertag 2: King Phenom TN

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Team Name: BooBaD & Gunplex aka Swaggin Like Frodo Baggins




GT Gunplex

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team name: DisobeY


gamertag 1: ContrA GG

gamertag 2: PreDevoNatoR

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