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Gamescon BenQ Gaming Monitor

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@@Incredibl3dible Sorry for the late response compared to the other post, I got tied up. 


It all matters on your personal preference. You could go with a 60hz or a 144hz monitor. The entry level BenQ monitors that display 60hz are just fine for console gaming. A 144hz monitor will step up the smoothness a notch. If you're also going to be doing some PC gaming and have a rig with a solid graphics card, then I would go with a 144hz monitor. 


The RL2455HM is under $200 and remains a solid monitor for console gaming. It's a very popular monitor. I personally went with the RL24060HT as I am gearing up for Destiny/MCC. I got that one for the HDMI output so I can eventually stream or capture without causing myself lag. 


And then, you don't have to go with BenQ. Asus makes great monitors too. 

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my boy threeshotpistol recently educated me that GTG response time =/= input lag and linked me to a site that had all the input lag information. don't have it now but a 2009 model of asus has 10ms (the best monitor on the market right now is 9ms) and it was 180$ and i ordered it. 

I checked out the 10ms benqs and they were too expensive for me. 



edit: just remembered it was VH236H but i just googled it and it's out of stock. had 2 yesterday.

here is the link


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Awesome. Thanks for the help guys. So as long as my monitor is at least 60hz (refresh rate) than I'll have no problem gaming in 60fps, correct? I can't wait for MCC and H5 running 60fps on dedicated servers and want to make sure I'm prepared!

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my girlfriend just got this for me for my birthday.  I honestly love it. Awesome response time as well as very little to no input lag.  The HDMI output is also super convenient for streaming and capturing with no added lag from the device. She also got me the Elgato HD 60 which is amazing as well.  Just thought I'd post it and see what you guys think.

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