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H2 PC Legacy Playlist Feedback Thread

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After some delay, the legacy playlists are released! All servers are ranked, so you will need H2 Shark in order to connect and play. 


Having a blast playing Team Snipers and Double Team, but we need more players online to get more active games going on. Players in TeamSpeak are really enjoying having a variety of games to play and reliving old school playlists. 


To join a legacy ranked server, simply download H2 Shark here: http://h2pc.org/update and make sure to get .NET Framework 4.5.2 if you don't have it installed already. Simply use H2 Shark to run your game (think of it as a shortcut). If you have Halo 2 Vista already installed, no need to activate, just register/link your gamertag and then login afterwards. 


Head to Head is up for debate on being BR starts only, I would like to see some feedback on that. Default Slayer Duel is pretty fun though, especially when having to think ahead of weapon choices.


I will be updating the OP shortly to reflect the current gametype pool for each playlist. More stuff is planned, so stay tuned!


EDIT: OP updated with the current game variants for each legacy playlist. 

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Playlist update:

Slayer Duel - Foundation removed from Head to Head and replaced with Rifle Duel - Midship. 

Double Team - 2v2 Slayer variants are starting weapon=BR, weapons on map=map default

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