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Destiny E3 Gameplay Trailer + Demo

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Giant wall + Titans = Shingeki no Kyojin.

I hate when people say this.  OMG you have a wall and you have titans you're copying Shingeki no Kyojin.  Besides the words "wall" and "titan" there is no similarity.  Go watch your anime in the corner please.


Anyway, watched the 12min game play video and it looked alright.  Kind of dumb how they were all standing around in a circle just shooting the tank thing.  Wheres the strategy in that?  Wouldn't mind exploring the world though.  Exploring was one of my favorite parts of Skyrim and now you can explore with a friend in this game.  Still kinda skeptical with all the hype though.  It seems that they're hyping it so much that if they don't release the best game EVER then it will not meet expectations.

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Some of the ideas brought forth in this game might just chance the industry forever.


Huh, kinda like how Bungie changed the FPS industry with Halo, seems like a common thread :P

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Second run through of the Destiny demo just happened showing the first was scripted from the interactions down to the teammates death at the first 'boss'. Hopefully this means the final game is a lot less linear than that teaser mission appears to be...

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