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F/A UGC St.Louis!

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ima make this quick, Ive been to several MLG events for H3 have been playing competitively since H2. Im looking for a team to attend St.Louis with, i am on XBC daily approx. from 4:30 till 9:30 est. I can put in towards all cost(pass/hotel) Extremely Dedicated and Motivated to make it far there! let me know!


XBL: H2 Ven0m

XBC: H2_Venom

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Sweet I'll run games with you when I get my box back! Looking for a solid team if I can't find one I may not go.

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Hit me up, lets see if we can make something happen :) available everyday to run games





XBL: DGZ Detox


XBC: _Detox_

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