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(Decent) UK Halo Players

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Simply put, trying to get back into Halo MM but have no constant teammates so am looking for a few UK players for all Halo titles. Also for future Halo MCC.


You must be from the UK, mature, relatively laid back and a team player. Looking to form a bit of an online team to play on a regular basis. 


I'm not interested in adding players who rage hard, moan and complain or just run off alone and die constantly. Also if you're under the age of 18, I prefer you don't add me.


I sometimes play for fun but most of the time play competitive matchmaking.


You don't have to know all callouts or be able to time weapons perfectly as it will all fall into place should a regular team of 4 be put into place and teamwork is established. Just have a decent shot, strafe and aim to win with the ability to stay in twos during gameplay. :)


So if you're interested add me on Xbox Live.


Gamertag is Szio. (All letters)


- This thread is in no means to offend anyone outside of the UK or under the age of 18.





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