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Need some help from you COD folks

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So, I've just joined the UMG team as a videographer for events and youtube content. I am primarily a Halo guy and have followed the competitive scene since 2008 and only recently started following COD when Halo tanked and pros transferred over. 


My questions for you folks:


-Do you know what teams are attending? Any big teams not attending?


-Who would you like to see get video time during the event? If you can post a picture of them as well, that would be helpful. I know most of the names but won't be able to pick them all out of the crowd at the event.


-What kind of youtube content would you watch for COD? Interviews with players, latest news, other?

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Congratulations. I don't think anyone knows every team attending yet to be honest. I'd like to see Formal, Enable, Censor, or Crimsix. Content wise it really depends on the player being high-lighted and everyone has different favorites. Latest news might be a bit overdone as there's already Gandhi, Twitter, and that news thing and a competetitve reddit. So intetviews probably

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