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Luminite Shadow

The stars say HELLO!

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Name: John Arreaga

Gt: Luminite Shadow

Age and Location: 16 from Miami, Fl

Bio: I have been gaming competitively since 2009 in Halo 3 and have been notified many times for my BR/Sniper skills in H3. Ever since the launch of Halo 4, I have noticed it was dropped off MLG Pro Circuit but continued to support the game. Now that PGL has launched, am feeling good about how Halo is going now without MLG and feel PGL and AGL is the future for Competitive Gaming. I am a very Callout-Hungry maniac and runs slayer whenever I am by myself. I would go scrimming every weekend basically from 6PM-9PM and always runs 4s on Throwdown to get back into the game. Times That I get online: Weekdays during the summer(1pm-10pm) and Weedends when school is going on.(4pm-9pm) If you want to contact me for more info: Twitter: @Luminite_Shadow Gt: Luminite Shadow Email: [email protected] or just look for more contact info on my Profile. I am here to get out there and show off who I truly am.

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