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Players in North Carolina

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Hello everyone, I'm Justin.


Long time lurker here who finally registered. I live in the Charlotte area and a casual/mostly solo H5 player. I've been around since the Halo 1 days and it would be nice to play more with people/less randoms.


My gamertag  is: O Evil Betty O

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Hey guys just wanted to extend an invite to all of the local NC H5 players about joining the probattleleague. I am a long time halo player and just relocated to the Charlotte area. I have been in touch with the probattleleague organizers. They want to push out into the north carolina area to make a localized team. All this information can be located on the website linked in this post. Also if any of you guys are interested in helping out i would love any helping hands. please contact me with any questions, suggestions, or if you just wanna run some arena at my gamertag. Thanks guys


GT: Los Burger 




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Any and all players of all skill levels. As Los Burger said above we're in need of people for The Pro Battle League tournaments heading to microsoft stores in North Carolina. The game obviously will be Halo 5, in addition to this Gamers Corner a LAN center located in Holden Beach, NC will be helping to host in house tournaments and there LAN Center. 


Addition: Gamers Corner for those who like classic Halo will be Hosting a Halo 3, 1v1 tournament on Saturday, July 30th. Time: 6:00pm-10:30pm. Prize is still to be determined at this time but I will be helping to set up the tournament as well as looking for a way to produce Prizes, money, items etc. For the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of this tournament. 


Easiest way to contact them is to search up "Gamers Corner, Holden Beach, NC" on Facebook. Thanks for reading and I hope to see a lot of competition for this tournament as well as the Halo 5 LANs coming soon. More details to come! Follow @ProBattleLeague and Myself @@RedghostFPS for updates on tournaments for the Pro Battle League and for NC Local LANs, I will be posting as many Halo LANs as possible so if you would like that information please follow me on twitter and I will follow you back! :D 


Thanks for reading!

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Guys, registering an account and posting just your GT and location accomplishes next to nothing. This is a forum, not craigslist.

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Hey, everyone!


After taking a break in July, we're back on August 7th with more Halo 5: Guardians action in Microsoft stores across the country! Peep the locales below:

Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Santa Anna, CA
Los Angeles, CA Century City
Houston, TX
Minnesota, MN
Austin, TX
Columbus, OH
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
White Plains, NY


The action will be on all day! If you're interested, grab your friends, let us know, join us for good times at your local Microsoft store, and be sure to follow @PBLHalo on twitter for info on streams, scrims, and more!



Facebook Post

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I'm looking for any Halo 5 players preferably around Charlotte but anywhere in NC to play with. I'm down to make a local team or just run some games with anyone that's interested. If anyone is wanting to improve their own gameplay I'd be more than happy to provide strats, tips and jumps to you or your team. I want to thank you reading and have a great day!

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Looking to host a LAN at the end of summer/beginning of Fall. Just got my own home so Im looking to link up with fellow player in NC.

Bring your own equipment. That includes monitors, sleeping bags, ect. 

I will provide the food for the weekend.

Looking to have around 8 people. 

Looking to play lots of CE and H5 so bring your Ones and 360's/OG boxes. 

Let me know your availability and I will determine a date for the LAN. 

If you're under 21 no drinking. I will not be responsible for your well being when drinking underage. 

Hit me up. 

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I'm super down for this. I have 2 monitors I can bring, 2 original xbox's that fully work (as well as 2 more that work sometimes bit probably need repaired), 4 copies of halo 1, 8 original xbox controllers (1 duke), an 8 port switch and a ton of ethernet cables, an xbox one and 2 controllers with 1 copy h5 and MCC installed on box. Saturday evening/nights would be perfect for me and could probably make friday evening/nights work as well. Would be awesome if we could get these going regularly.


gt: Zarnerz

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