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Could the rank system in the MCC "fix" Halo 4?

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Nice try h4 kid, you almost got me  :kappa:


Oh c'mon with that. You expect me to believe that the frustration of trying to get maximum rank on a bullshit game like H4, wouldn't be just as satisfying as a maximum rank on the greatest and most skillful console shooter ever (H1).  I dislike H4 very much, but if I can prove to other people that I can fight back despite the sprint, AAs, PODs, Flinch and Boltshots, that would be just as good as showing off a 50 in Halo 1.


Halo 4 Infinity Slayer is the most random, idiotic, unoriginal, and unbalanced shit biscuit ever to grace Xbox Live. But I'm gonna beat that biscuit. Then I'm gettin' to the good stuff.


BTW, Imma H1 kid. :Halo:

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are ranks going to remove



no de-scope

armor abilities




no flag juggling

random ordnance

terrible maps



If not, then nah. This notion that ranks will make a game better regardless of how it plays needs to die. Halo 1 didn't have online play on the xbox and it's still the GOAT gameplay wise, Halo 2 would still be great without ranks, Halo 3 would still be good without ranks, MLG v7 in Reach was good without ranks. Having a good rank system is the icing on the cake to a game that plays well. Halo 4 would still be terrible with Halo 2's rank system.

1 million% this.  

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