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Hi folks,


I'm stunt_man, and I joined this lovely community in my search for high-level Halo PC (Custom Edition) players to match up with. I know this board mainly revolves around the later entries in the series, but with the new patch that Bungie just put out (in order to save the server list, which was powered by Gamespy), and with a couple of revolutionary add-ons to the game (HAC2 and SAPP, namely), I figured there might be some of you still playing this timeless classic.


I'm interested in playing semi-competitively, or full-on scrims. On my server I host the classic maps as well as select custom maps that are tailored for competitive play (ex. no custom weapons/vehicles, or any of that rubbish). There is a max of 10 players for the server - 16 is too much and gives the game a bad name (ex: all those public servers hosting 24/7 blood gulch ctf). All gametypes are tested before they enter the mapcycle, to ensure smooth balanced gameplay, which I find is generally neglected by the majority of server hosts.


Oh, almost forgot - I also create maps for the game. I have 3 upcoming releases, and I was hoping to get in touch with some of the better montage editors to see if they are interested in editing teasers/trailers to build hype and spread awareness of the maps.


Looking forward to hear what you all think!

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