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Did that summary of this sites feedback for the beta ever get posted?

Sadly not. I got overwhelmed with college work and around the time I was going to start working on it, Holmes posted the full list of changes they were making from the beta feedback over on Waypoint.


I've got two weeks off after next week so I will probably get around to it then. 

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Discussing lore is great. I love the deep story in the Halo universe. However, getting an English lesson on a Halo forum is quite ridiculous.

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How is it an English lesson? They were talking about how you structure a story- that would be film. I'm not gonna dive in properly because @@Three Six Xero has posted more than enough on the guidelines of how a story must be written but all I'll say is. I refuse to believe unless you were already into(had knowledge) on halo's expanded universe or you just had a serious chub for cortana, there's no way you could properly be satisfied with h4s story.


It starts off telling you, you need to find a way to save cortana. Forget that, the didact is here and he's bad. Stop him yo. We're never given a reason to want to defeat didact, this is writing 101- your antagonist in a basic good versus evil story needs to make the player feel. We wanted to beat the covenant because we were the last Spartan, they fucked up reach and were attacking our home planet. We're never given a reason to beat didact besides from he is clearly evil. What was his reason for doing whatever he was gonna do? Fuck if I know, I didn't read the books. The story has failed already. If I'm not being made to care about the story of the game and it's characters simply from what is presented to me IN the game, then it has failed, plain and simple.


Sure I know a bunch of people who think that chief is gonna get super powers or somethibg in the next game. I'm expecting chief to die in the next game myself (or else in 5)- or in some way agent locke is going to become our new main character. 343 tried to make chief a character in 4 and it didn't work and they know it didn't. I suspect nightfall was a part of the greater plan to warm US up to him. A spartan and a character? Best of both worlds right?. Doesn't matter, they'll fuck it up anyway.

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Don't get mad if you're stubborn enough to click a spoiler :P




I honestly wish the Rookie wasn't put down like Old Yeller. That was a vicious stab in my heart.







He didn't deserve such a death.



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Looks like I shouldn't have waited 'till 2 AM for that, good night everyone!


The whole thing might be interesting, but this "episode" gave us absolutely no information on anything.

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