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Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

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Here are some of my thoughts and suggestions on improvements for Halo 5. Overall I am enjoying the game as well as having a lot of fun. Feel free to critique and ask questions everybody!



·         Thruster

o   Making Thruster active not passive

o   At the moment players are using Thruster to evade or retreat from compromising positions. If we are wanting a fast pace gameplay, Thruster needs to be tuned as an aggressive ability. We can compare this with Camo between Halo 2 & 3 with Halo Reach and 4. When camo was picked up or activated on Halo Reach & 4, you could only be invisible when standing still. Movement would bring camo down, punishing the player’s strategic movement to fight their opponent. Thus it lead to player’s hiding with camo which consequently slowed gameplay. When we look at Halo 2 and 3, camo was active allowing camo to stay on with player movement until the player shot their weapon or if player was hit by a weapon. Camo was a powerful aggressive ability that got teams timing and getting map control to get camo in their hands. Since camo was so powerful, the opponent team would have to do all they could to take down the player with camo allowing gameplay to speed up even more so.

o   How to achieve an active Thruster

§  Allow forward Thrust movement weapon fire

§  Side and rear Thrust reduced 15%

§  Side and rear Thrust deactivates weapon fire

§  When player is half to no shield Thruster is disabled

§  When player is sprinting Thruster is disabled

·         Sprint

o   Sprint will not speed up gameplay

o   Here is why, like Thruster as mentioned above, Sprint is primarily use to evade from players bringing down their shields, putting themselves in none strategic position to hide. For example, player A kills player B. Player B comes off spawn sprinting to pick up sword at top mid (On Midship). Even though Player A gained map control, player B can easily get the sword in seconds, then gets shot down to half shields or so. Player B uses Sprint as well as Thruster to evade and hide from player A. Now gameplay slows because of player B’s mindless movement to get a power weapon to keep player A from pushing as well as regaining their own shields. There is no repercussion on the player making none strategic movement when using sprint with thruster combo.

o   Solution

§  Shooting sprinting players brings player out of sprint (like as de-scoping method).

·         Player should be able to re-sprint after pushing sprint button.

§  Pause shield regen until player stops sprinting (the same as is in game currently).

·         Assault Rifle

o   Range need to be nerfed 5%.

§  Since the AR is a close range weapon it should be able to out-shoot a BR in close range. The AR should not be allowed to out-shoot the BR in mid-range which is currently the case.

·         Sniper Rifle

o   Scoped window needs to be a little more open.

o   Increase firing rate.

·         Pistol

o   No change is needed it suits it’s close range niche perfectly.

·         SMG

o   No change.

·         Truth

o   Map seems too dark, especially when opponent is blue team.

·         Empire

o   Looking from Snipe 3 to Open

§  Needs more sight lines 

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I've always wondered if this is true. Everyone keeps saying that, but do COD nerds feel the same? Or do they have their own Halo 4?

I know plenty of cod fans who don't fancy the look of advanced warfare just cos of the exoskeleton shiz.

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Still can't get over that Rocket Launcher.


In Halo 4 we had:

All of the Covenant species.

Covenant architecture.

UNSC logo.

Chief's armour.

Various vehicle silhouettes (Warthog's gun shield and the Pelican primarily).

The BR (admittedly this one I quite liked)


All altered for no discernible reason. Now it's the Rocket launcher's turn. Yet H2A (both MP and Campaign) looks like what I'd expect a genuine Halo sequel to look like.


343i's art team's vision of Halo just doesn't quite gel with what already existed. I feel like they could and should have been a lot more respectful of the work that already existed and done more to maintain the style and identity of Halo as it already existed. if Sabre Interactive can do such an excellent job bringing Halo 2 forward by ten years I don't understand why 343 weren't as strict about keeping Halo's look cohesive.

Agreed. Visuals and sounds mean so much and 343 has altered them way too much. And not only that but some of them are just bad, like warthog's sound in H4 and sniper.

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H4 defiantly stunk- but i always feel like comparing halo to COD is unfair in the sense that COD is available on 3 systems, while halo is only available on 1 system. I just seems to make sense that it has a bigger following.  


EDIT: PS. This is a sweet infographic- shows how exclusive winning is- Only 40 players in h4, 58 in reach, 115 in h2, and 80 in h3 won money.. and alot of the players are reapeat players

I hate seeing stuff like this. Imagine how big halo would be if it was on every platform

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Halo is dead, it has been dead, and it will be dead. The type of Halo you want is one where you can actually use your intelligence and game knowledge to predict movement and outplay people. That is precisely what is gone when you add sprint and thruster. Do yourself a favor, stop playing the beta and go back to MCC or just move on to League, smite, dots, SC, hearthstone..all the devs that are actually competent and care immensely about their community's opinions. 343i is a horrendous organization that would have probably ceased to exist if it wasn't for microsoft's enormous marketing $$ that props up the shit products they create. 

When does smite hit the x1?? Imma try that out

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Why? Isn't the ranking system supposed to accurately show your rank and match you with equally skilled players?

If some nerd like suddoth gets placed semipro after 10 games and stays there forever, because he's too bad to be pro, but too good for onyx, isn't this a good thing?


Getting the second highest rank in the game after playing 10 games isn't fun though.


IF they made a hard 1-50 system people like Suddoth wouldn't be able to achieve a 50 either. 

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Idk man, it doesn't feel like h4 to me- It is your personal opinion so i am not going to argue, but it seems like you will be playing the MCC.


I do agree that sprint and thrust need tweaking. 


Thruster needs a charge period before a person can thrust or made as map pick up and sprint needs to be removed or made so you are knocked out of sprint when shot.


sprint would be better as a turbo, and thrust needs to encourage offensive play, I think before we agreed on a shorter distance and shooting while thrusting would work best.
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This is a sweet infographic- shows how exclusive winning is- Only 40 players in h4, 58 in reach, 115 in h2, and 80 in h3 won money.. and alot of the players are reapeat players

A lot of these show big tournaments and paid winners only. Even in H4 there was a lot of BTB.net tournaments, but no one bothered reporting on a 1k prize for 10 players. What's interesting to see however is that even Reach was higher than Halo 4.


Though I'm sure a lot of AGL prizes weren't ever reported either...

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At least the COD dev's know what the fans want, they know what works, and they STICK TO IT. (regardless if you are a fan of COD or not)


Halo has been the exact opposite - make it worse and worse each time.


IMO, h5 is definitely better than 4 and reach, but then again that's not saying much. As for the cod devs, they blow, that series lost a huge chunk of its fan base with the last two games, a lot of people don't consider AW a cod game because of all the changes.

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Ghosts might have been a bad CoD game, but it still had over a million's worth of total prize pools and a lot of tournaments as opposed to a dead scene and AGL.




Halo 4 wouldn't be on there if not for the Global Champs.


Can you post a link to where you got this from?


I'm curious to see the top 5

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So spitballing ideas here: Thruster as a kill bonus, sort of like specialist class in COD, gimmick and keeps it away from everyone having it, not overpowered enough to where people would camp for it.

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I only played like 2 games of the Reach beta but I have 50 games in Halo 5, 8 hours so far.


Just got semi pro from my last game of the day today. We didn't lose any games but we didn't really place against anyone good because we were playing with someone from bronze rank.

The game still has 4 shots and skill gap so it's fun to me.

The game might techincally have 4 shot kills but in practice its more like 3 shots thrust recharge, 3 shots thrust recharge, etc

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You can fix the flaws in Sprint by creating a stun weapon or grenade so that the spartan cant use their abilities for 3-4 seconds. Call it a Spartan Drain or what have you. Just think about it. They cant Ground Pound,Sprint,Slide or use the Thruster. They would have to rely on classic arena play. It could also fit in the story campaign cause the Master Chief is iffy with the unsc in H5. Agent Locke  trying to track him down and the Chief might resist so a weapon like this could be the only thing to strip a spartan of its power advantage.


But we are still left with these shitty, over-stretched maps.


There is no way you can truly balance sprint, in this game.

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sprint would be better as a turbo, and thrust needs to encourage offensive play, I think before we agreed on a shorter distance and shooting while thrusting would work best.



So spitballing ideas here: Thruster as a kill bonus, sort of like specialist class in COD, gimmick and keeps it away from everyone having it, not overpowered enough to where people would camp for it.


Thruster balancing options:

1. Shoot while thrusting

2. Shorter thrust

3. Longer cool down time

4. Thrust when shields is 100% charged

5. Thruster available as kill bonus (3 kills in a row, etc)

6. Thruster as map pick up

7. Charge time before thrusting 

8. Limited # of thrusts (2 per life and " thruster gas" available on map)


Thats all i got- feel free to add to the list boys.

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any word of when the new forge maps are going to be up in the beta?

Yeah, there's going to be a vote for next week's maps.

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Yeah man? I think h5 has a ton of potential and I understand halo is not going to be the same anymore- that was the point for the release of the MCC- "Oh so you dont like h5? Cool here is the MCC"- If it going to evolve, i rather evolve in positive ways than negatives.


The game does not feel like traditional halo, nor does it feel like COD, or any game for that matter.


It feels totally new- GOW Movement, HALO health mechanics and weapons, a twist of halo/COD style aiming, with a hint of shadowrun. I think with a few tweaks this game will be rock solid and i am hear to help.



You just contradicted everything you said in the following sentence, my man. Halo 5 needs to have Halo movement, Halo health mechanics and weapons, a twist of halo style aiming with a hint of halo.

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First off I mean no offense in anything I say here, this is not person it just brings up something that I think is worth talking about:


I feel like I'm in the minority when I say I think this is a good thing. Under no circumstances is going for an easy body shot and then finishing with a pistol shot EVER a viable strategy in H1 and honestly it works really well. You either hit your snipes or your use your primary. Some easymode combo of the two never works and I have hated that it's been so effective in every Halo game since.


I haven't spent enough time with the beta because when I tried to play it at home I got a server error and after all of the issues with MCC I wasn't in the mood to deal with broken Halo. Will try again tonight and maybe write up some impressions and analysis.


You're correct here, but what he is saying is that almost every weapon has this crazy delay when swapping weapons or going into scope. It feels terrible. When you play it I fully expect a rant from you in here lol.

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bring back the activity icons above the players heads(shows when they're being shot/shooting), i think this would help with playing with randoms, since you can see where the enemy is by your teammate being shot.


if they're going to keep the spartan chat, they're should be a way to make a call out yourself. if you've played Shadowrun, you could press Up on the dpad(i think, its been a while) and it would make a call out for you on where the enemy is to the rest of your team. Maybe have it so we can press up and our spartan will say something like "2 enemies pink tower two".

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