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Just like previous updates, REQs do no populate the pool for a few hours.

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When you play tell us about any noticeable changes.



Will let you know

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BIGGEST thing you need to report on. Red and Blue Team color changes. Do they still exist.

First thing I'm checking.

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Not the 'official' ones. They were like a limited 1 of 500 run. You can still find knockoff ones on Amazon for a few hundred though.

Ah, I see. Would rather not get a knock off then. Sucks quite a bit, but I can last without one.

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update comes out when I'm literally one silver pack away from finishing my Uncommon / Rare REQs ... lol.  




I was considering being a troll with a neg, but I really can't be negative, needlessly. I agree on some points, but the game is still majorly fun. The fact that I've been staying in game because one gametype, and if you narrowed it down, one playlist, can keep me occupied is a testament to that, for myself. Greatly enjoy Halo 5, as is, and I can't wait for its expansion in the future.


I completely, 100% understand the frustration that people have with H5, but I unexpectedly had the day off work yesterday and played for like 7 hours straight ... the addictiveness reminds me of early H3, or post-TU Reach custom games.  


I wish there were a few more maps, a couple more playlists, autos could use a nerf etc. ... but the basic game is incredibly solid and fun.  I don't have that "this game is bullshitting me" feeling that I often had with H3, Reach, or H4.  Definitely the best vanilla Halo experience since H1, imo.  


If 343 pulls their shit together and adds H3 playlists and Reach UI, and the customs scene really gets going ... I can see this game being the best in the series since H1, easily



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