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Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

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And back in 2003 people would have told you destructible vehicles in multiplayer would be stupid.

No, they wouldn't.


Now, please stop avoiding the question and explain how all the features I mentioned feel like Halo.

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Copy pasta from my feedback post:


Sprint: Remove it and increase the base player speed to 70%-80% of sprint speed. That way maps and physics will need minimal tuning to keep the gameplay fast, but not "ice-skatey."


Smart Scope: Remove it and return the classic zoom. Not only does it block peripheral vision, but the animation seems to create a slight delay between being fully zoomed that was not present in past Halo games. According to Snipedown, it ruins quickscoping as well.


Clamber: Remove it and return crouch jumping. Not only does it lower the skill gap, but there are jumps that you can only make by clambering. That means you have to turn away from enemies and stop shooting to get into some positions; that should NEVER happen in a Halo game (or any arena shooter, for that matter).


Flinch: Needs to go. Your reticle should not move around without your direct input. To further increase the skill shooting gap, consider making the guns projectile-based instead of hitscan. Leading shots, like in CE and H3, makes strafing much more relevant and furthers the skill gaps.


Prophet's Bane: Speed boost + sprint + thrust makes the weapon too powerful. And it hurts my eyes.


Like @@CyReN said, add small weapon indicators like in H2A to help with weapon visibility.


More feedback to come.

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First thanks cyren for this thread...


343 i hope you take what we write here not in consideration but a lot more.


1.sprint cant stay really, up the base moveement a lot with a good acceleration,strafing must be priority in halo.



2.clamber for me can stay but with tweaks...my weapon in the animation must have the ability to shoot,this with the thruster can have some good things.


3.thrusters are perfect with no sprint


4. The stabilyzer in air is pretty good i liked.


5. ADS is obligatory to remove,really for me this are worse than sprint.


6.low auto aim was pretty good And for me even lower is better.


7.abilities in general can stay only with no sprint.


8.weapon balancing was good.


9.ground pound in first person can be nice even if is useless this ability some show is OK.


10. Spartan chatter and all this type of stuff i dont give fu** the gunplay is priority.


11.nice art stile i liked a lot.


343. Pls we want arena shooter too the max pls pls pls. Quake ut style with halo core plus these abilitis you have insert.

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i suggest watch neighbors stream. you can really tell that he has played the game for a while. very interesting to watch

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It doesn't feel like a Halo game though, it doesn't have that unique feel we all fell in love with.

This is my problem. At a certain point it feels like the Halo name is used because they know it'll sell millions of copies. They could put the Call of Duty name on a piece of shit game and sell millions of copies.


I'm looking forward to writing some feedback but a lot of what I want to say from a spectator perspective has been said already.

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I feel it's still Halo. As a long time fan, I've always felt spartans were unstoppable beasts! So it seemed something was missing. As long as they balance the game well it's still halo to me.  I've read too many of the books to not expect more from a spartan.

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No, they wouldn't.


Now, please stop avoiding the question and explain how all the features I mentioned feel like Halo.


clamber, flinch, thruster, charge, ground pound, smart scope, stabilizers, sprint


Halo is all about meaningful gameplay and skillgap. This said...




Clamber: Mobility at the cost of vulnerability.


Flinch: But, there is descope?


Thruster: Limited use, you need to know when to use it to use it good. Thrust into a clamber, and someone is shooting at you now? No thrusting away.


Charge: Isn't it just another take on Halo 2 momentum based melee? No one had much of a problem with that in H2. Walking forward in H2 did more damage, sprinting forward in H5 pushes them back.


Ground Pound: As it presently stands, it appears the blast radius is too large. If tweaked, it can be a high risk and high reward manuever.


Smart Scope: Enabling precision use on all weapons for aiming skill to be more important? Blasphemy!


Stabilizers: Alright. I'll cede to you that I don't much know the point of this. Does someone first have to stabilize before ground pound? I forget.


Sprint: Moblility at the cost of vulnerability, again. You're not going to survive an encounter with a skilled player if you sprint away on no shields.

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I'm unfortunately not going to be able to play the beta for about 2 weeks it seems, but I'm just point out a little anecdote from watching Snipedown's stream.


Snipedown kills dude with no shields left

Snipedown sprints away into some other place on the map

Enemy is around the corner and he eats a headshot and dies


Here's the thing, if he simply walked away without sprinting, his shield would have been up by the time he got there and seeing as he's Snipedown he probably would have just instantly 4'd the guy


So I don't get it. It seems like as things currently stand Sprint is only useful to get into position to engage not to disengage


There was a similar situation where Snipedown took on two, killed one, sprints away, and runs into another guy

Sprints in the opposite direction and runs into the respawning player


He's running around no shields for literally 15 to 20 seconds because he had no choice but to keep on sprinting. Although he managed to delay dying for quite a long time, the team collapsed on him and got him eventually.


Thrusters are a much more effective disengage tool and should probably be triggering the shield timer just like Sprint does

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Hm. Looks like the usual anti honeymoon phase of the community for anything that isn't from 2004 and earlier.





People are seriously saying it's not Halo when the skillgap is apparent and it's equal starts. I can't even.




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Proof that ADS is NOT cosmetic only



It makes sense for the SMG and AR to be less accurate when unscoped. At least you can get descoped. I just hope the BR and DMR don't have a wider bloom or spread when they are unscoped even if it is harder to aim while out of scope. 

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Except weapons in the past have been more accurate when scoped in lol


What's funny? ADS or zoom has never increased hip fire that significantly. It used to be minimal at best.

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x-post from feedback thread


I've played about 2-3 hours so far (15 games) today, just wanted to give my intial opinions. It may change latter on but the things I list are pretty much set in stone for me as I continue to play.


Sprint in Halo 5 - It has to go, numerous times while playing I honestly forgot it was there. The maps are a nice size that I can hoenstly go without it. Even with it, I feel it's still to easy to get away with it + thruster. I gave it an honest shot but we can't afford a 3rd game with it. It isn't Halo.


Maps - Only played Empire and Truth, both seem like good maps. Halo 4 didn't have the best maps, but it seems 343i stepping up their game in this department.


AR/Pistol Start & Weapons - I've never really been a AR fan for starting weapons, but I'm glad to see it really buffed up now. Didn't feel "powerless" when spawning. Pistol also has a strong kick, which is nice to use too when alternating in games until I pick up the DMR/BR.


Weapons On Map - The power-ups have a nice indicator to them, along with the Spartan Chatter calling them out when they spawn. This is excellent for new comers or casuals. The only part I'm having trouble is was finding other weapons like the DMR or BR on maps. The weapons blend in way too much. I'd like something similar to Halo 2: Anniversary so it's easy to spot.


Prophet Bane - Cool to see new weapons coming to Halo, but this thing is literally a solar flare to my face when playing. I'm not sure if it's on purpose but I had to backpack it to get around so I could see everything around me. Please reduce the flare on it.


Aim Down Sights/Smart Scope - I don't like the ViDoc playing it off like it's been there the entire time, seems like some campaign shoe-in reason. Just bring back the classic scope, I didn't enjoy it at all. It was incredibly hard to aim at times too (I'm not one to struggle there). It didn't feel like Halo at all.


Descoping - Thank you for bringing this back, I missed it so much.


Thruster - I had to remember to use it in games, pretty cool ability to get around in fights. Would prefer to keep this instead of Sprint if I had to pick.


Clamber - Actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would. Adds another "meta' to the game in my opinion. Could see some crazy stats with it from more skilled players.



Dude you're so on point with your feedback. I just finished my 5th match. These 2 maps would be absolutely fine without sprint. Also the DMR scope is fucking trash. That shit needs to change. 

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Here's the compensation from 343

1 Month of Xbox Live Gold

Exclusive In-Game Nameplate

Exclusive In-Game Avatar

Edit: I've just seen they're doing more maps and the first one they chose is Relic? Looks like The HCS will still have 3 maps for a while

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Get rid of sprint, and instead


Increase the base speed, and decrease movement acceleration. 


Competitive community is in deep shit right now. If we can get sprint out, then  we will have a real chance at this game being good. It looks beautiful but the gameplay is going to end us.

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So I seen a bit of Neighbors game play. He is like the posterchild of what Halo 5 is. Feels like I was watching the trailer lol. I want to play the game myself honestly. See how it is. 

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Those weapons weren't SMGs that could shred you in a second flat.

If it was just the precisions it wouldn't be so bad, I feel.

Oh hell no, that would be 1000 times worse


If getting descoped dropped your accuracy then it provides way too much advantage to whoever gets first shot

It's not cool that 343 lied about hipfire but if only impacts automatics then hopefully it's actually being intelligently used as a balancing factor to make automatics viable weapons for when you get the drop on people but you get clobbered in head on battles vs a pistol

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