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I'm fine with competitive Halo playlist being replaced by good forge maps.

Honestly I'm hoping that 343 really reconsiders and actually uses the competitive community for ideas, maps and settings. First thing of business, replace Truth with an actual remake for Midship.

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Rocket Warthog

Gauss Warthog

Scout Warthog


I doubt it.

I know I'm reading into it too much but kind of a pointless comment to make if that's all they meant

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I really don't understand Breakout.


I did a CS replica in Halo 2 that worked 100X's better than Breakout ever could.


If 343 insists on putting an elimination gametype in Halo just make Assault with elimination and don't put it in tournament settings.




A neutral objective still doesn't work for elimination game types because there's no incentive to go for the objective.


Elimination style games require asymmetric objectives. No changes 343 makes to the current Breakout settings can even work on paper, let alone in practise.


Yes, teams will run around online like idiots going for the flag, but put $1M on the line at a tournament and the game would turn into a time wasting camp fest.

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Do they actually work this time or do they spit you out facing the same way every time making them completely useless for competitive play like in Halo 3 where they introduced an awesome remake of Chillout and then ruined it with teleporters that didn't work?

And they just confirmed they won't work like that.

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did Bravo just name drop Extraction!?

When talking about Halo 4, yes.


Holy shit, that aura stuff was insane.

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did Bravo just name drop Extraction!?

He was talking about how people made Invasion type maps using extraction points, people would put spawn points under extraction decals. Once you extract a point the old spawns would get blocked with new decal and the new spawn points would become available by the old decals de-spawning.


The reason people had to do this is because you cant actually time spawns to come in and out in any Halo game. Even in H2A forge this isn't possible but was a lot easier to work around with scripting (you could spawn objects on and off spawns with timers and switches).


Hopefully with spawns this time round they have enabled them to be able to be taken in and out with scripting which would allow for a much easier forging experience when trying to replicate gametypes such as Invasion.

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