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Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

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I'm going dark at midnight until I beat legendary campaign (which will take a while with all my school and working). I know spoilers will be coming out here soon after launch. Good luck to you all and I hope H5 is doing better than The 4 when I get back!

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I think the thing people liked about h4 was shots counting and they assumed that was the only requirement for a good halo game when coming from bloom reach and h3 br.

The main reason I was hyper for Halo 4 was the lack of any bloom, BR was back, and no more armour lock. That hype ended pretty quickly.

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Really? My point was that even a limited game like H1 can provide thousands of hours of gameplay. Seems like a perfect comparison.

To an extremely small demographic who still play to this day. At the time of Halo CE's launch, it wasn't considered limited. Halo has expanded since then and certain staple features are expected.

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And here I am... Wake up at 5 minutes before h5, and the Dashboard update finally decides to pop up ._.


its now 12:00 fuck you if youre playing..

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