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The Spartan-IVs are pretty much leaner versions of the IIs (according to Initiation, IVs can run just as fast as IIs, and IVs are consistently stated to weigh less than IIs of similar height), with far more sustainability. They don't need to eat as much, sleep as much, they can survive in an inhospitable atmosphere for about an hour, and they're practically immune to toxins and poisons.


Frankie is pretty much the only source that's been ripping on the IV's abilities. He even calls their augmentations "mechanical", though as I think anyone could see, the IVs are not Adam Jensen from Deus Ex, and they've never been described as such in ANY official media. So, I REALLY have question Frankie here.

Um. No. Every source of lore places Spartan 2s well above 3s and considerably above 4s. And the augmentations you mentioned are just biologically grown organs like stomachs, and lungs, that let them eat shit and breathe better. That's absolutely nothing compared to the titanium exo skeleton of the S2s. Even their strength augmentations and training are so far past S4s that there's no way to even compare the two breeds of soldiers for anyone who has read the books.

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Wouldn't be surprised if there is another beta...just in time to try take the spotlight off BO3 beta.

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He also said last year to not bother staying awake for some upcoming news which ended up being the announcement of Halo 5: Guardians.


You have a point there. Him also giving a Halo announcement a "4/10" is fishy too...

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