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Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

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I posted this on gaf and wanted to share it here.


I have on multiple occasions defended the design decisions of halo but this is beyond defending .
with the addition of ADS these people have now take the franchise i love away from me.
EVERY game now has ads it makes them all play the same destiny, cod, battlefield they all play fundamentally the same and now Halo 5 is just another game THIS IS NOT HALO.
this isn't fair what could possibly have compelled them to completely change how the game plays. sprint, armor abilities and loadouts those things mean nothing because the game still at a base level played like halo but ads changes everything.
i can't handle this, i'm freaking 25 years old and i'm sitting here typing this at the brink of tears because THEY HAVE STOLEN HALO FROM ME.


oh god bro the feels :(

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Some of these gifs are great... lol


Well guys, let's make our voices heard... all of this "cheese" has to go. Pretty sure the ADS animation is just a cosmetic thing too, but still... leaves a bad taste in your mouth, that's for sure.

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I can imagine the twitch chat cancer already

They have every right to raid the chat after what we've seen. And I hate saying that too. But something has to be knocked into 343's head. Obviously another year from now isn't going to give them enough time to fix the wrong to right.

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And the worst thing is that when Halo 5 comes out, all the major tournament organizers can not give us Halo 2 Anniversary tournaments because 343 fucking monopolized the whole Halo competitive scene.

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Keep that twitch chat cancer coming. 343 deserves it.

For once, I'll be glad we have a chat that's in ultra cancer mode. These riots might be the best way for 343 to understand.


I don't understand what 343 was thinking... this makes me vivid.

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MCC for the next 10 years. We don't even need to buy that garbage. Seriously don't understand 343

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