This post elaborates on the signature I have at this precise moment.  My intention is to get 343's attention and garner support for a 4-shot-kill Magnum, which I believe will improve gameplay for all players, but especially satisfy those people who dedicate the most time to Halo 5's Arena portion of multiplayer, including professional players and content creators, so that Halo can grow on both the competitive and social fronts.   Here is my signature at the time of posting this:       I have emboldened some of the main points for your convenience. I composed most of this “essay” roughly one month after launch day, but even now, almost two months after launch, many of the issues remain or have even intensified (Overgrowth, 6-man FFA, etc.).   The Specifics Buff the Magnum to 4SK without modifying its shot interval, so that its kill time is ~0.9 seconds. Increase the red reticle range, but decrease the magnitude of bullet magnetism.   The Premise     Goals of an Ideal Utility Weapon     Some Overarching Issues in Halo 5’s Weapon Sandbox, Including Redundancy     The Necessity of Faster Kill Times in Light of Faster Movement     Buffing the Magnum, and Community Perception     Improved Power Item Frequency     TLDR: Buffing the Magnum to 4SK (and moderately increasing its red reticle range but heavily decreasing the magnitude of its bullet magnetism) will produce a faster, more consistent experience at high levels of play, while players who value a more hectic, uncontrolled experience can still find it in lower-skilled or social environments.   Death to camping!
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