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Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

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Why don't you just invite him over to play it with you?



Although for real I wasn't even fazed when I heard about no splitscreen. Pretty sure I never even used it once since all my family members considered Halo to be gay. And my friend moved before 3 came out so I couldn't play it with him.

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It told me to restart for an update and I did but BTB isn't on the screen for me. Did they not add it?


Edit: Nevermind turned off my Xbox and its downloading it. Weird though since I found a game when I didn't have the update even after they told me to restart it.

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Hmm seems as though the new dashboard has speed up download times?


Im at 10% after 5 mins. That would have took half an hour before.

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Okay the visor SLUAGH is based on the Scottish dialect for a demon of sin.


Okay lol.


Well, I now know what visor I am wearing.

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Slow net?

Ya but its not even that. I could download a 6 gig file on my computer in like 10 mins but the xbox will take like 4 hours.

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