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Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

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This Guardians game looks cool, maybe we get too see Halo 5 soon yeah?




:( :(

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I like it. It's fast. The sights will take some getting used to, but I see nothing detrimental to gameplay in what we saw.

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So can we all agree to not purchase this game?

This might be the first halo I might not buy unless it goes back to it's core like Halo 1-3

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I can't wait for you all to read the list of things that aren't returning from Halo 4.


too bad Sprint is not one of them.

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Hes trying to get money, its whatever. Cant expect anything else out of pros, they wont voice their outrage its not in their best interest

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If I liked CoD, Titanfall, Destiny and those types of games then yes I would purchase this instead. I think it looks pretty cool compared to those things. And I could clearly see it being good to bring in tons of esports fans that follow those shooters. But as a Halo game? No.


And Wayne Brady BITCHESSSS

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