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F/A for all events and online

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Name: josh

Gt: I rvivr I

Age: 23

Location: California

Twitter: @rvivr


Objective: Looking to find a team or strong players for all online/LAN events. Searching for intelligent and dedicated teammates.


About me:

· strong communicator

· intelligent decision maker

· excellent sniper

· work well with a team shot

· coordinate strong and efficient pushes

· always on time and available for practices

· always keep positive attitude

· able to travel to all events


Im extremely dedicated and motivated to push myself and teammates to a high level of gameplay. Please do not reply/msg me if you dont feel the same.


If interested feel free to message me on here or xbl to run games.

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GT is Secret 6. I can play at almost any time I live in Illinois. I'm 16 and will always play to the best of my ability and do my best to help the team.

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Would like to Run some games with you looking to get team together for AGL and Online PGL tournament


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