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Players in Indiana

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Hey, I'm from Illinois but I'm down to travel for lans if you guys get some going.

just a stones throw away.  feel free to send me a FR 


Random, but is this Ben?

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I'm from Lebanon, but live in Muncie. There seems to be a lot of good Indiana gamers in my opinion. Look at Snip3down and Chig. I myself am a sponsored gamer, took me 10 years but I was also in the military for 5 of those years and couldn't compete.

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Hi i am a Halo player and i am looking for fellow Halo Players in Indiana. I live in Indianapolis. If we make a team i would be willing to contribute to gas money for traveling to events. I however  do not have a car but i could help with expenses. I don't have a good KD on Halo MCC to be honest. But there are several reasons for that. I had a starting KD of 1.3 in the Halo 5 beta and it was still rising. I am looking for a team to compete online or at LANS with. If you are interested in either online or LAN events we could manage both. I'm getting better all the time and i think i could be a good player on a team. Add me or message me on Xbox live if you are interested. Gamertag is xLGDZx STEALTH. Thank you and have a nice day.

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I live in Iowa but planning on attending every LAN/Local I can in the surrounding states. Probably Indianapolis is the farthest I'll go. GT Zeezbruh GG send me a message.

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I am out side of fort wayne, IN

Looking for guys who are competitive and wana make a team and scrim and go to Lans around indiana

Must be 20+ active

GT semi3028

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Im in central indiana, will go to all eBash Tournaments and planning on other events.  


4 events experience


add me to run games! 


T Bone24rr

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Hey guys im the one who originally made this thread ages ago, just made a new account. If any1 locally wants to play add my gt: Drewski XCI

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Hey Im in Terre Haute and have been playing Halo for years! Im always down for a local team to compete. Send me a message or add my gamertag if you ever want to play. GT: Snailfie

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Hey guys there is an Upcoming Halo 5 FFA AND 2v2 Tournament at eBash in Indianapolis July 16th,  below is the registration link and the details for the event!





Entry Fee/Player Pass:

PreRegistered – $30 for entry to both events or $20 to one event

Day of Event- $40 for entry to both event or $25 to one event

Location = eBash Indianapolis

Minimum PRE Registers needed: 24 individuals/12 teams

Date = July 16 th – 1pm start time

Prize Pool: $500 Guaranteed + Custom Gaming Jerseys and T Shirts

  • Prize pool will increase after 25 entries


– Current HCS Settings

– FFA:

  • Battle Rifle Starts
  • Alternating Maps of Coliseum and Truth each round (Truth will be Finals)
  • Top 4 advance each round

– 2v2 Tourney:

  • Seeds for the 2v2 tourney will be based on the combined player placing from FFA
    • Both players must participate in FFA to earn a 2v2 seed.
    •  If one or both players do not participate in FFA, team will be seeded last in


  • Double Elimination – Best of 3
  • Finals best of 5 – or continuation best of 11 (if needed)
  • Series format:
    •  Game 1: Slayer
    • Game 2: OBJ
    • Game 3: Slayer


All matches will take place at

eBash Indianapolis,

6609 E 82nd Street Indianapolis, IN 46250.


Tournament will start at 1pm est. Teams not checked in by 12:45 pm EDT on July 16th

will be disqualified. First matches start immediately after registration ends at 1 PM EDT.



Please NOTE:


WE NEED ATLEAST 24 preregisters by July 8th in order to have this tournament!  There is no risk to sign up.  If you pay and register and we do not get enough people you will get a full refund.


Thanks for looking any questions quote me or message me

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