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Little old Manatee

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Hi guys, I've always checked GBE every now and then but it's not until now that I've actually decided to make an account...


So a little bit about me, my name's Mike, but a lot of people know me online as "Viable Manatee", of for short just "Manatee", I'm 19 and an assistant leisure manager where I live in England. I started out in CoD in early 2011, attending 2 events (i47 & i48, achieving T24 and T16 respectively), since then I swapped to Halo, where I've attended 3 events since (i49, i50 and most recently i51, achieving 15th,14th and 7th respectively). Away from the pad I help develop content for Reign.eSports and I'm generally quite active on the EU Halo forum TopMid as well.


Well that just about sums up my Halo/eSports history and a little bit about me :)

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:beyond: :Halo: :beyond: :Halo: :beyond: :Halo:


Hello and Welcome Sir

You know those actually look good together, like lightning or something, just saying.

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