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Spring Showdown Bracket, Schedule, Reporting, and more!

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As always, if you guys have any questions or need any help, feel free to PM me or contact me on Twitter at @xClicked!


Good luck and have fun!


Dear Beyond Entertainment,


This is my formal request that all Top 32 players in the 2014 Beyond ENT H4 1v1 Spring Showdown receive online beyond event points* so that we can 'point-check' random players at will.


Thank You.  :saucey: 


(*if you think of a better name for the points more power to you)

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ROUND NUMBER: 2 rounds

SCORE: 1st round 10-7

                2nd round 10-4

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Player Name: TwitchTV dram1s

Winner: TwitchTV dram1s

Round Number: Round 4

Score: 2 - 0
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lol that would of surprised me playing you and not knowing it was you

lol ^_^

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