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Hip-Hop Thread

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Why did I just hear Big Sean, a 28 year old adult male, brag about "waking up to like a hundred texts"?

Because Big Sean is asscheeks
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Sean isn't hard....watch the Noisey Detroit documentary.


Danny Brown kind of clowns Sean, it's pretty funny.  Also, Trick Trick is a straight G in that doc.

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AX might end up being my AOTY


Sought this thread to see if this wasn't already posted, good on you Bus.


I'm so excited for Atrocity Exhibition. Danny Brown is one of the better writers in the game right now and he has enough traction to work with anybody - this song represents that in spades. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Danny said Kendrick basically made the song happen by writing the hook and 24 bars then giving it back to Danny. Love how stuff like this comes together in the modern age.

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