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Hip-Hop Thread

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If you use pitchfork to base any of your opinions you are a massive twat tho

To be clear, I was referring to Pitchfork's review adding fuel to album circlejerk. I only use that website to discover new music I might have missed occasionally.

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It seems the only people who take Pitchfork seriously are those that use it to say some albums are overrated. But they do put on nice festivals in Chicago sometimes that I've never been to.


@@Scalzo come to Pitchfork with me this year and we'll seek out all the jazz sets and new upcoming saxophonists. Maybe even get to see Miles Teller on the drums!

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Whip It Remix >


shit nikka i'm on that track right this second. been tossin this mixtape on ever since i first listened to it

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Anyone listen to Pilot Talk 3?

Shit is nice.


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I just got to meet Chance the Rapper's group The Social Experiment with the exception of Chance, such a dope experience. The new album gon' be so good

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