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Hip-Hop Thread

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I only see Joe Budden vs da Dininon and Lux vs Mook. 


And even tho Tsu is gonna write all of Budden's shit he's still gonna get smacked. And Mook is garbage water on a hot day so it's pretty easy for Lux.

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I haven't felt either of those cats recently. Diz used to be hella good, but lately he's been slackin. Math doesn't seem like he gives much a fuck anymore and after what happened with Dose and Serius and his half assed Shotty battle I'm surprised anyone even signed him. Hopefully Diz doesn't come with his fuckin one fish two fish, or maybe even maybe even MAYBE EVEN no fish!


autoloss on diz if he tries some shit like that. Even if Math punched him out I'd still give him the win just because how bad it irked me. 

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they're apparently battling twice. once on total slaghter ande the full battle on kotd.


i just want to hear them chop on each other for their behavior on total slaughter and for their overall fuckboyery lately


it should be a fun ass battle with lots of laughs

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To anybody that has not heard of these guys, I would HIGHLY recommend giving them a listen.


that song was dope!

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So Diz punched Math at  BOLA..




M.H. has done it twice in the past, looks like this time he was on the receiving end. Lel. Still such a fucking Bitch'Move, tho. Idc if M.H. might deserve this. This is a rap battle. Id say fuck him up with words on stage and strike again afterwards outside the club or somewhere else IF you really have the need to hit a guy. fame Bitch Diz just did need some attention. So sad. Seriously, totally not a fan of this, but it seems like The only way battle Rap's getting any attention these days is if someone hits a *****, or performs some shock value shit like Daylyt whipping his dick out. Oh boys.. /Battle rap is in the shitter.




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"... and Kendrick raps on a freeform interlude that mimics Ab-Soul's appearance on Section.80. These sorts of callbacks and embedded references used to be part of what made Black Hippy special; here, they feel like nostalgia."

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