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Why weapon tuning should have been a title update

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So I personally believe that the weapon tuning should have been a title update. Because without the title update it is fine in matchmaking but it breaks customs. You have to download versions of every map and gametype to make the 4sk br settings work. And to be frank for some people, they have not worked in customs. It is quite frustrating for some to think that the br will be 4sk and it ends up being 5sk. I imagine since spartan ops is online that the weapon tuning is in spartan ops as well. I haven't verified this bc i have no reason to play spartan ops. However, I would also venture to guess that since you can play campaign offline that the weapon tuning doesn't affect campaign. Correct me if I'm wrong, but different weapon rates of fire, weapon range, and weapon damage between matchmaking and campaign is an awful idea. With a title update the weapons would be as they are in matchmaking across the board without forcing people to redownload new gametypes. It also means that all the custom gametypes people have made in the past will still be usable instead of their current state of being obsolete. 


As a side rant 343 should have someone who understands how CTF works to come in and place the flag locations. Because the updated flag locations on maps are rather disappointing for the most part. 

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I agree, and to clarify from your post, the weapon tuning ONLY affects MM. Customs, Spartan Ops and Campaign still have the old settings. I don't get why we'd want to play with broken guns in the other game modes. We need unified settings across the board so when new players buy the game they won't be confused why the weapons are acting differently between MM and SpOps/Campaign/Customs.

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The weapons have always acted differently between the game modes. You dont go into Campaign and 4-shot a Grunt. The only thing that I've ever really carried over from campaign to MM is aiming and movement.


As for the Weapon Tuning being a TU, I disagree for 2 reasons.

1.There are technically more custom game options the way it is now. You can get completely different results with each tuning variant if you modify damage settings, etc.

2.Title Updates have to go through Microsofts verification which delays the process, also with the way they set it up in the previous TU, they can now make changes to the tuning whenever they want. (Crazy Action Sack gametypes, reducing autoaim, etc.)

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