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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Discussion

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My Top 3 favorites of the day - keep them coming! Honestly, if someone decided to troll with random outlandish events I doubt anyone would bat an eye. 


1. TS FFAs

2. MM booting without betrayals

3. Halo 4 map start despite losing vote count

4v3 Blood Gulch was a gem. I played that until the other team slowly quit out.


My favorite thing right now is when you finish a game, but accidentally back out of a lobby which we all know is a cardinal sin because it boots everyone into a matchmaking purgatory, then try to get everyone back together but your roster says you're all in the same lobby, so you go to kick the people out of your lobby that aren't there, which places you in THEIR lobby somehow, but they don't want to be party leader and unfortunately there is no way to change leader manually so you leave that lobby to try and invite everyone once again but your roster isn't popping up at all so you go to your XBL party to invite them that way but the "Invite to game" option is greyed out so you just go your separate ways and play campaign.

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Played some 1v1s earlier with @@FrankTheShow. Halo 2 Classic feels amazing. So, so smooth. Halo One felt really good as well. 


Once they fix matchmaking I will be all set. Still having fun with the games I've played so far.

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Searched in ranked last night with 3, put my friend on the other team an we played him 3v4 in ranked  An I took a nap cause I thought this would be resolved by now but nope, I know I can play customs again but shit man I just really wanna play some TO4 Ranked matchmaking now. :(

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How is it possible that a AAA Halo game launch in this state?


What does 343 attack first, and how long will it take to make this game acceptable?


Who loses their job over this?


Will this game ever fully recover from this launch perception-wise?


So many questions.


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This has to be a parody?


Apparently it happened with Destiny too. Still hilarious 

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well I got the achievment win 10 mp games.. I had only played 4 at that time..

Did you ever go into a game by yourself for quick easter egg achievements?

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